Surrey Storytellers

Surrey Storytellers is a group that promotes the art of storytelling for Adults, Young People and Children throughout the County of Surrey, in England.

Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of entertainment in the world  and is also the way societies hand down their histories and values from one generation to the next. It is currently enjoying a revival thanks to a renewed interest in the folk arts which also include music, song and dance. There are lots of storytelling circles and events run across the UK, at which everyone is welcome – either to listen or tell a story of their own.

Our next evening is


Saints and Dragons - Friday 23 April 19.30

It's St George's Day, and therefore we're giving ourselves over to a celebration of all things saintly and/or dragonly. Some of Surrey Storytellers' regular tellers come together to present an ensemble of tales to delight, thrill and enchant you - and possibly provide the odd cautionary tale about dealing with dragons...