Surrey Storytellers is a group that promotes the art of storytelling for Adults, Young People and Children throughout the County of Surrey, in England.

Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of entertainment in the world  and is also the way societies hand down their histories and values from one generation to the next. It is currently enjoying a revival thanks to a renewed interest in the folk arts which also include music, song and dance. There are lots of storytelling circles and events run across the UK, at which everyone is welcome – either to listen or tell a story of their own.

Friday 28th June 2024 @ 19.30

Lisa Schneidau
The World Tree

In a world of magic and miracles, Yggdrasil the
ash tree holds all of creation in its roots and
branches. Odin the Allfather hangs upside down
from the great tree, waiting for wisdom to come.
But what happens when the ash tree falls sick?
Ash is one of our commonest trees, bringing
many gifts: timber, fuel, tools, inspiration and
protection. Now ash dieback is on the march
through our countryside, and in ten years’ time
most of our ash trees will be lost.
Lisa Schneidau tells The World Tree: a
storytelling dedicated to our beloved ash trees,
past, present and future. Here’s a tangle of
Norse myth, Irish legend and English folktale,
where you can hear the latest about our tree
pandemic, learn some juicy reptilian insults and
discover what happened after the world really
did end.



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