22nd November 2019

Double Bill


Robyn & Matt

The Star Child

A story of taking responsibility for youractions, and the power of kindness - from the Victorian writer, Oscar Wilde

Thor's Journey to the Land of the Giants

 Thor, the strongest of the Norse gods, and Loki, the most unpredictable, travel to the land of the Giants. There they face challenges that test them to their limits - but will they prevail?

24th January 2020

Katy Cawkwell

Iron Teeth, Eaten Heart


A wild story from Siberia, A hunter lets a trapped duck fly free…A woman hangs high in the silver birches…Iron teeth are glinting in the firelight… Do you dare face the darkness in the forest?


 28th  February 2020

Richard Trouncer

The Sea, The Sea!


The battle won, but the war lost, in 400BCE a band of 10,000 Greek mercenaries found themselves stranded, hundreds of miles from help, surrounded by enemies and short on rations. What followed became one of the greatest stories of endurance and bravery ever told. 

27th March 2020

Alys Torrance





It’s time to celebrate Misrule, misfits, twits and holy fools. Embrace your inner idiot! Wonder when a door is not a door! Investigate why the dead chicken crossed the road! And, most importantly, unravel the riddle of who else is Else? These are stories that start with a laugh and end on the wildly Other side of life.